Vote by Mail and Ballot Drop Boxes

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All Voters Mailed a Vote by Mail Ballot​​

Every voter in Sacramento County will be mailed a Vote by Mail ballot for each election they are qualified to vote in. Voting in person is also available to registered voters of Sacramento County at the Voter Registration and Elections Office beginning 29 days before ea​​ch election or at a Vote Center beginning 10 days before and through Election Day.  Voting in-person before Election Day.​

The ballot will come in an envelope that looks like this: 

Inside the ballot packet, you will find:

Delivery of the mailed ballot depends on your local mail service.  Where’s My Ballot?​, a free ballot tracking and alert system, is available to voters who wish to track the status of their Vote by Mail ballots - from printed to accepted.  If you do not receive your ballot within the  29 days before Election Day, if you make a mistake on your ballot, or if you need a replacement, you may:

  • Call the County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department at (916) 875-6155 for a replacement

  • Email us at

  • Go to a Vote Center on or before Election Day

Voting by Mail is Easy!

  1. Vote your ballot by filling in the oval next to your choice.

  2. Put your voted ballot inside the pink postage-paid return envelope.

  3. Sign and date the return envelope between the hole punches.  Important: In order for your ballot to count, we must match your signature on the return envelope with the signature in your voter registration record.​

  4. Seal the envelope. No postage is necessary.

  5. Return the ballot by mail or at any Official Vote by Mail Ballot Drop Box or Vote Center​ in Sacramento County. ​

​​​ Return Your Ballot
Don't delay! Once you vote your ballot and properly sign the envelope, you need to return it on time.  Here's how:

  • Drop it off in the mail! It can only be accepted if it is postmarked on or before Election Day and received by our office within seven​ (7) days after Election Day
  • Drop it off at any Ballot Drop Box location
  • Drop it off at any Vote Center​ 
You’ve returned your voted ballot. What happens to it now? View this video to find out!​​

Curious on how Vote Centers and Ballot Drop Boxes are selected?  Visit the Suggest a Vote Center or Ballot Drop Off Location​​ page for more information or to suggest a Vote Center or Ballot Drop Box location in your community. 

Emergency Vote by Mail Voting - Authorized Ballot Pick Up

If, during the seven (7) days before an election, you find that you will be unable to vote in person on Election Day, you may request in a written statement, signed under penalty of perjury, that a ballot will be picked up by your authorized representative.  Your authorized representative will receive your ballot after presenting the signed statement at the County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department.


Contact the Vote by Mail Division​

Phone: (916) 875-6155
Fax: (916) 854-9796