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Have a Suggestion for a Vote Center or Ballot Drop Box Location?

The County of Sacramento is currently looking for facilities to serve as a Vote Center or Ballot Drop Box location for future elections.  If you know of a location that might make a great Vote Center or Ballot Drop Off location, you can let us know.  

Simply email​ and tell us where you would like to see a Vote Center or Ballot Drop Box location in your community! ​

Location Search Map​

Ballot Drop Box Location Map

Vote Center Location Map​

Location Requirements
Vote Centers

  • Facility commitment to be open continuously for 11 days or 4 days, including Election Day. The 11 day commitment includes the two weekends before Election Day and the 4 day commitment includes one weekend before Election Day.
  • The ideal space for a Vote Center is approximately 30 feet by 30 feet.
  • The facility must be open to voters a minimum of eight hours per day; Election Day hours are still 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. 
  • Facility access for Vote Center staff (staffed by our office) is required one hour before and one hour after voting hours. Access to restrooms for Vote Center staff also required. 
  • Parking available for voters and Vote Center staff.
  • Secured storage area for voting equipment.
  • A survey of every facility needs to be completed by our staff to ensure accessibility requirements are met for voters with disabilities.
  • We will pay for use of a facility! Please email Precinct Operations for more information. 

Ballot Drop Box

  • ​Facility commitment to be open during YOUR regular business hours for 29 days, including Election Day.
  • A survey of every facility needs to be completed by our staff to ensure accessibility requirements are met for voters with disabilities.
  • Secured location.​

Location Considerations (Election Code 4005) 
  • ​Proximity to public transportation
  • Proximity to communities with historically low vote by mail usage
  • Proximity to population centers
  • Proximity to language minority communities
  • Proximity to voters with disabilities
  • Proximity to communities with low rates of household vehicle ownership
  • Proximity to low-income communities
  • Proximity to communities of eligible voters who are not yet registered to vote
  • Proximity to geographically isolated populations
  • Parking & traffic patterns around the locations ​

​​Voter's Choice Act Data Map

The Voter's Choice Act requires the county to consider different communities and populations when selecting the Vote Center and ballot drop-off locations. The following maps show this information, using data from the Census Bureau and the County's Voter Registration files. These maps, along with community input over the coming months, will be used to select locations for Vote Centers and ballot drop-off boxes that best serve the County's diverse communities.​

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Vote Center Accessibility​

Vote Center (Polling Place) Accessibility Checklist will help surveyors check key features by asking questions about sizes, sloped surfaces, door openings, available parking spaces, and availability of accessible features.  

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​Vote Center and Ballot Drop Box Locations

If you are a voter in the County of Sacramento, you may find the Vote Center or Ballot Drop Box location most convenient to you by using the Vote Center Lookup Tool​​ or the Vote Center and Ballot Drop Box Location webpage​ during each election cycle.​