Assistance for Voters with Language Needs

Inquire about the availability of documents in accessible​ formats.​​




How to Update your Language Preference

  • Use the Voter Action Form in My Voter Portal  
  • Call (916) 875-6155
  • Email​
  • Complete and return the postage paid application on the back of your County Voter Information Guide

Information for Voters with Lan​guage Needs​

Pursuant to EC 4005, all voters will automatically receive a ballot in the mail. If you do not receive your Vote by Mail ballot, you may request a replacement by:
  • calling the office at (916)875-6255, 
  • emailing your request to,
  • faxing your request to (916) 854-9796,
  • visiting the VRE main office or any Vote Center when open, or
  • accessing the Remote Accessible Vote by Mail (RAVBM) system by using My Voter Portal.​​

​You may also vote in-person at any Vote Center location in the County of Sacramento.

Voters requiring assistance may bring up to 2 helpers, but may not include:
  • the voter’s employer, 
  • an agent of the voter’s employer, 
  • or an officer or agent of the union of which the voter is a member.​​​​
For additional information, view our Election Administration Plan.

Ballot Translation Guides​

All ballots are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese in Sacramento County. If you would like to request a Ballot Translation Guide, you may use the Voter Action Form in My Voter Portal​, return the postage paid postcard on​ the back of your County Voter Information Guide, or visit any Vote Center location.

Ballot Translation Guides are available in the languages below.

If a Ballot Translation Guide for your preferred language is available, it will be mailed to you once we receive your request. We must receive your request at least 7 days before the election in order to mail you a Ballot Translation Guide. 

Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC)

If you would like to assist the County of Sacramento in improving election access, please visit our Language Accessibility Advisory Committee webpage for more information on serving on the committee or attending a public meeting.

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​Voter Education and Outreach

​If you would like more information or would like to educate voters on voting in the County of Sacramento, we have resources available! Our tool kit is available to ensure information is easily accessible and from a trusted source.​​​

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