Voter’s Choice Act

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Your Voice, Your Choice​

The California Voter’s Choice Act became law in 2016 to make voting more convenient and accessible. Before moving to the Voter's Choice Act, 64% of Sacramento County voters already permanently voted by mail. Vote Centers will open two weekends before Election Day so voters can vote on a day that fits with their busy schedule.

  • You choose how to vote: through the mail, Official Ballot Drop Box location, or Vote Center.
  • You choose when to vote: you now have 11 days to vote at any Vote Center location in Sacramento.  Election Day hours are still 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

    You can vote early or on Election Day at a location close to home, work, or anywhere in the County!​
  • You choose where to vote: Voters can visit any Vote Center in the County.
  • Get the support you need: Vote Center staff will be there to help you have a great voting experience, including providing assistance in multiple languages, helping voters with disabilities, and updating your voter registration information.

​What is a Vote Center

You'll have the opportunity to vote at any Vote Center located throughout the County of Sacramento.  Including the opportunity to vote 10 days before Election Day and on weekends.

hink of a Vote Center as your one-stop location for all things voting.

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​​​​ ​W​​hat is an Official Ballot Drop ​Box Location

Every registered voter in the County of Sacramento will be mailed a ballot starting 29 days before Election Day.  Official Ballot Drop Box locations open 29 days before Election Day.

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Suggest a Vote Center or Official Ballot Drop Box Location

The County of Sacramento is currently looking for facilities to serve as a Vote Center or Official Ballot Drop Box location for future elections.  If you know a site that might make a great Vote Center or Official Ballot Drop Box location​​, you can let us know. 

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Gathering Public Input

Public meetings are being conducted to gather input.​

California law, Elections Code 4005(a)(9)(A) and Elections Code 4005(a)(9)(B), requires extensive public outreach during the transition to Vote Centers.  The County of Sacramento is working diligently with the community to gather input on Vote Center placement.  All meetings are designed to help shape the future of voting in the County of Sacramento.

Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC)

The County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department established a Language Accessibility Advisory Committ​ee (LAAC) in 2017 to assist and advise county elections officials on existing programs to reach voters with limited-English proficiency.

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Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC)

​The County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department has established a citizen advisory committee to make recommendations for improving access to voting and election materials. This Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee, or VAAC, is designed to advise and assist in ensuring all voters in Sacramento County can vote independently and privately. ​

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Election Administration Plan

As a part of the implementation of the Voter's Choice Act, the County of Sacramento Voter Registration and Elections Department has prepared the Election Administration Plan in coordination with community members and is currently in review by the Secretary of State.

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