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Curious about what we still have left? Check out our page about What's Left to Process to see the work that continues.​

​​​​​ ​What Happens After Election Day?

Did you know? We have 28 days to certify the election. After the polls close at 8:00 pm on Election Day, the work continues as we diligently process, verify, and ensure all eligible ballots are counted. Accuracy takes time.​

The Official Canvass.

Division 15, Chapter 4.

In this phase we audit and account for all ballots that were issued, voted, and those that were not used. This phase includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks: 

  • Reconcile the number of ballots counted, spoiled, canceled, or invalidated due to identifying marks, over-votes, or as otherwise provided by statute, with the number of votes recorded, including VBM and provisional ballots, by the vote counting system. 
  • Process and count any valid VBM ballots not included in the semi-final election results. These VBM ballots are returned on Election Day to our office, at a Vote Center, to an Official Ballot Drop Box location, or timely via USPS.
  • Count any valid write-in votes. 
  • Duplicate any damaged ballots, if necessary. 
  • Reporting final results to the governing board and the Secretary of State, as required.

Conduct the 1% Manual Tally. 

Division 15, Chapter 4, Article 5.​

The 1% manual tally process validates the tabulation of ballots generated by the electronic voting equipment before certifying election results. Precincts utilized for the 1% manual tally are selected at random by the elections official. For each contest not included in the 1% manual tally, an additional voting precinct with that contest will be selected and tallied.​

Process Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) ballots.​

​California Code of Regulation. Title 2, Division 7, Chapter 1, Article 3.5.

CVR extends the existing 15-day registration deadline in California to eligible voters, allowing them to register and vote provisionally 14-days prior to an election through Election Day. Voters that are not registered must be processed using a CVR.

Certify the Election.

Division 15, Chapter 4, Article 6.

​Once the Official Canvass is complete, we will sign a certificate to certify the election results.


​California Code of Regulation. Title 2, Division 7, Chapter 8.​

​After we certify the election results, any voter may request for a recount within five (5) calendar days. Information about recounts may be found here​.​​​

​Post-Election Day Timeline.

​​Election Day
Election Results Schedule
​E + 1
​Begin Official Canvass
​E + 2
​Provide estimated number of unprocessed ballots to the Secretary of State
​E + 7
​Deadline for postmarked Vote by Mail ballots to be received by VRE.
​E + 9
​Begin the 1% Manual Tally.
​E + 28
​Deadline to complete the Official Canvass and certify the election results.
​E + 33
​Recount Period Ends.


Secretary of State: ​California Vote Counting Process
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