Frequently Asked Questions

​How do I register to vote if I am in the Military or residing Overseas?

To register to vote, you must obtain and complete a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA). ​

How do I return my FPCA?

You can return your FPCA by mail, fax​, or scan to email​.

What is the deadline to register to vote?

You must be registered to vote at least 15 days prior to any election.

What address do I use as my residential address on the FPCA?

You must use your last known U.S. residential address. You do not need to own the residence, live at the address, or have mail sent to it.

I forgot my last known Sacramento County address. What should I do?

It is acceptable to provide the major cross streets, closest to that address.

Do I need to have a witness or a Notary Public sign my FPCA?

No. California does not require either to sign the form.

Do I need to re-register to vote every year?

No. You do not need to re-register to vote every year. Your registration will remain active until you cancel it, however, you need to re-register if you change your address, political party, or name.

What reasons would require a voter to re-register to vote?

When you change your address, change your political party, or change your name. 

Can an ex-felon register to vote or be eligible to vote?

Yes. An ex-felon may register to vote and is eligible to vote in elections if they are not currently in prison for a felony conviction. 

My family member is not available to register to vote. Am I allowed to register for them?

No. They must sign the form in their own handwriting under penalty of perjury. They can complete the FPCA and return it from wherever they're located.

I did not vote in the last election. Do I need to re-register?

No. You are registered for as long as you live at the same address. 

What should I do when I return to the U.S.?

You will need to re-register. You may re-register online​; pick up a voter registration form at our office​, at any local post office, library, or city hall; or you can also have one mailed to you by calling us.

When will my Vote by Mail ballot be sent to me?

If you are in the military or are residing overseas, your ballot will be mailed not earlier than 60 days prior to the election but not later than 45 days prior to the election.​ If you have requested for electronic delivery, you may visit this link, or access your ballot using My Voter Portal.​

Which candidates and/or local measures am I eligible to vote for?

You may vote for all contests on the ballot for which you are eligible to vote as if you were residing at your last known U.S. address.

How can I receive my Vote by Mail ballot?

You may receive your ballot by mail, email, or fax.​

How can I return my Vote by Mail ballot?

Your ballot can be returned either by m​​​ail or fax.

I did not receive by Vote by Mail ballot. What can I do?

You may download and mark your ballot, and access all election materials necessary for you to vote and return your ballot from this link.​​

Can I check the status of my Vote by Mail ballot?

Yes. You may track your Vote by Mail ballot by using My Voter Portal.

What is the deadline for me to return my Vote by Mail ballot?

All ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day. Your ballot will be counted if it is postmarked on time and received up to 7 days after Election Day. ​​