Voting In-person at Vote Centers

Voters May Vote In-pe​r​son

  • California Election Code requires that all active registered voters be mailed a Vote by Mail (VBM) ballot, but voters still have the option of voting in-person on or before 8:00pm Election Day.
  • Voters may visit the County Elections Office beginning 29 days before Election Day.
  • Voters may visit a Vote Center.
  • Email to learn more.

Why Vote In-person

  • Voter did not receive or lost their VBM ballot.
  • Voter missed the registration deadline or recently moved into the County and must complete a Conditional Voter Registration (CVR), and/or vote provisionally.
  • Voter has moved within the County and needs to update their residence address.
  • Voter wants to use the accessible ballot marking device at a Vote Center.
  • Voter needs language assistance.
  • Voter wants to hand their VBM ballot directly to an election officer.
  • Voter simply prefers to vote in-person.

Vote Center Operations

  • Voters may go to any Vote Center in Sacramento County.
  • Some Vote Centers will be open 11-days, including Election Day.
  • All Vote Centers will be open 4-days, including Election Day.
  • Vote Center hours vary before Election Day.
  • On Election Day all Vote Centers will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm on Election Day.

Vote Center Assistance

  • Accessible ballot marking devices are available for voters with disabilities, including an audio feature for voters who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Voters may use curbside voting to request, mark, and return a ballot, or drive-thru options to return a completed VBM ballot from the convenience of their car.
  • Ballots are available in federally required languages. Ballot Translation Guides in additional State required languages are available to assist with voting.
  • First time voters whose registrations were not verified by the DMV or Social Security Administration may show a current valid photo I.D. in order for their vote to be counted.


  • Election Officers at Vote Centers utilize chain of custody procedures, two-person teams, and other security measures to maintain the integrity of the election.
  • Whether you vote by mail or at a Vote Center, your vote is safe with us!

Your Voter Registration

Develop your Voting Plan

  • Voting your VBM ballot is the easiest way to vote and allows you to vote on your schedule.
  • If you are voting by mail, be sure to sign the pink VBM return envelope and drop it in the mail, an official Ballot Drop Box, or deliver it in-person at a Vote Center on or before 8:00pm Election Day.
  • If you need specific assistance or wish to vote in-person, you may go to the Elections Office or a Vote Center. Locations, dates, and times are in your County Voter Information Guide and posted on our website at

Stay Informed

  • Visit My Voter Portal​ to review your County Voter Information Guide. It includes detailed information concerning voting options, times, and locations in the County of Sacramento.​