Election Cost Estimates

​The Election Cost Estimator is a tool for local districts to calculate their share of the consolidated election administration cost. The tool will also provide districts and candidates an estimated cost for including a Candidate Statement inside the County Voter Information Guide (CVIG).

Estimates are based on actual historical election adminstration costs and the Board of Supervisors approved Fee Schedule​.

Election Cost Estimator​

Things to Consider While Using the Election Cost Estimator

The actual cost of election administration invoiced may vary from the estimate based on the actual number of districts consolidated in the countywide election, actual district registered voter totals, actual pages of measure text submitted for printing in the CVIG, and/or new legislative mandates.​​​

For countywide contests, the Base Set Up and Contest Fees are waived. The Election Cost Estimator will provide an estimate based on pages of measure text included in the CVIG in excess of 4.

​Election Cost Estimator Disclaimer

​An estimate provided by the Election Cost Estimator tool is not consent or agreement to hold, consolidate, or provide election support services for a countywide election. Requests from districts for any election scenario shall be received in the form of an adopted resolution from the district board, in addition to any other official documents considered by the Board of Supervisors or VRE. For additional information, please contact VRE at voterinfo@saccounty.gov​

Special Election Cost Estimates

If you are a local district that requires a cost estimate for an election that:

  • will not be consolidated with a regularly scheduled statewide primary or general election pursuant to Elections Code 1000(a), 1000(d), or 1001; or
  • must adhere to a special timeline such as a recall election; or
  • would be conducted pursuant to Elections Code 1000(b), 1000(c), or 4000; Education Code 5091; or Government Code 1780 or 36512​

Please contact voterinfo@saccounty.gov​ for additional guidance.