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News Release

​May 30, 2018

Contact: Paige Bedegrew
Communication and Media Officer​
(916) 874-1319

​​​​Statewide Direct Primary Election Update

Manual Tally Scheduled for June 6
Public and media invited to observe precinct selection

The Sacramento County Department of Voter Registration and Elections announced that on Wednesday, June 6, Interim Registrar of Voters Alice Jarboe will select the precincts to be included in the 1 percent manual tally for the June 5 Statewide Direct Primary Election. Required by California law, the manual tally of ballots validates the results generated by the electronic voting equipment before certifying election results.
In Sacramento County, there are a total of 573 precincts and for this election, 12 precincts will be selected for the manual tally where all ballots cast in those precincts will be manually tallied to validate the electronic count. Furthermore, for each race not included in the 1 percent manual tally, an additional precinct with that contest is tallied. The manual tally will begin immediately following the selection of precincts.
“Ballot accuracy is of the upmost importance and the manual tally is a critical process to ensure that systems are reporting results correctly,” said Jarboe. “As the first election under the new voting model outlined by the Voter’s Choice Act, this is an exciting time for Sacramento County and we are doing everything possible to ensure this election operates seamlessly.”
Members of the community interested in observing the manual tally precinct selection are asked to contact Karen Startup at 875-6365 or email​. The selection will take place on Wednesday, June 6 at 10 a.m. at the County Elections Office located at 7000 65th Street, Suite A, 95823.

​​​​Key Election Dates

May 26 – Eighteen 10 Day Vote Centers open ** NEW** for this election
June 1 - Last day a Vote by Mail (VBM) ballot can be mailed to you.  After this date, VBM ballots are only available at the Elections office or at any of the 78 Vote Centers
June 2 – All 78 Vote Centers open **NEW** for this election
June 5 – Election Day

Sacramento County is one of five counties in California to implement the Voter’s Choice Act. For additional information about the June 2018 Primary Election, the Voter’s Choice Act and to learn more about how voting is changing in Sacramento County, visit the Department of Voter Registration and Elections website​.

For more information, contact Paige Bedegrew at (916) 874-1319 or email